About Us

The New York Water Environment Association, Inc. (NYWEA) was founded in 1929, by professionals in the field of water quality as a non-profit, educational organization. Association members helped lead the way toward existing state and national clean water programs. Today the Association has over 2,500 members representing diverse backgrounds and specialties, but all are concerned and involved with protecting and enhancing our precious water resources.

The Metropolitan Chapter is a section of NYWEA which includes members from the Metropolitan area of New York.


Members include civil, design and environmental engineers; biologists, chemists, local and state government officials, treatment plant managers and operators, laboratory technicians, students, professors, lawyers, environmental scientists, equipment manufacturers and distributors.


The objectives of the Chapter shall be identical with those stated in the bylaws of the Association. Specifically, unless modified these objectives are;

The advancement of fundamental and practical, political, social, technical, legal and fiscal knowledge concerning the development and administration of effective water quality management programs.

The advancement of fundamental and practical knowledge concerning the nature, collection, treatment, reclamation, minimization and disposal of domestic and industrial wastewaters from point and non-point sources.

The advancement of knowledge concerning planning, design, construction, operation and management of facilities for the collection, treatment and disposal of domestic and industrial wastewaters and residuals.

The advancement of knowledge of the adverse impacts of non-point sources of pollution on water quality and methods to mitigate such adverse impacts.

The advancement of knowledge concerning the source, fate and effect of pollutants in streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, oceans and in the groundwaters through research, exchange of information and educational activities.

The encouragement and support of research activities leading to the development of new knowledge and improved processes for improved water quality management.

The encouragement of a friendly exchange of information and experience among its members, and other interested parties, by state and local meetings of its members, affiliation with the Federation, and participation in the activities of the Federation and the Association at the national, state and local levels.

Improvement in the professional qualifications and status of members engaged in the development and administration of water quality management programs at the national, state, and local level, and members engaged in the design, management and operation of water quality management systems.

The advancement of public knowledge and understanding of water quality management through appropriate public information and education activities.

The support and encouragement of students in the study of water quality and related environmental issues. This may be done through the establishment of student chapters at colleges and universities, student awards, a scholarship program; and in addition, the promotion of educational programs at primary and secondary schools.

The specific purpose of the Chapter shall be to bring together in closer association those identified with or those actively interested in water quality management programs including related environmental management programs in the Metropolitan area of New York and to provide them more frequent contacts than are afforded by meetings of the Association.