Public Education and Outreach

The mission of the Public Education & Outreach Committee is to:

  1. Increase awareness and recognition of the NYWEA by the members, the general public, municipal and state officials and others dealing in related water quality topics and professions by networking.
  2. Increase the publics understanding ofwater quality management including wastewater treatment by encouraging and supporting public education through participation in events such as the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and Science Teachers Association meetings.
  3. Assist in the recruitment and retention of committee members by developing an active program with involvement of all committee members.
  4. Develop an education program segment for the Annual meetings.
  5. Work closely and in cooperation with the other standing committees.
  6. Prepare an annual report to the Board on the activities of the committee covering the progress in accomplishing the mission of the Committee.
  7. Work closely and I cooperation with the Chapter Public Education Committees.
  8. Work closely and in cooperation with the State and WEF Public Education Committees.